Göteborgs vandrarhem vid Liseberg Södra hållplats

Liseberg Is Neighboring the Gothenburg Hostel


The Göteborg Hostel is situated at the same tram stop as the southern entrance of Liseberg.

Liseberg, of course, being the largest amusement park, in the Nordic region.


At Liseberg amusement park, there are ride attractions for all likings and ages.

From thrilling roller coasters to gentler rides for the little ones.


Stroll around the beautiful park and try your luck at the classic lottery wheels.

There's something nostalgic and romantic about it. An excellent setting for a traditional date!


Liseberg has several popular stages for performances with well-known artists and concerts.


Throughout the year, Liseberg amusement park has developed a wide range of cuisines at its restaurants,

cafes, and fast food outlets, which are also highly appreciated by the people of Gothenburg themselves.


The Göteborg Hostel offers various rooms for families, groups, couples, or individual guests.

With newly renovated en-suite bathrooms or newly renovated,

shared or individual showers and toilets.

There are plenty of choices.


Our front side faces Liseberg, the Oceana Water Park and World of Volvo.

We're a popular choice for those who want to stay close to Liseberg.


From the Göteborg Hostel, the excitement is just a few steps away

from Liseberg South Entrance, also known as The Little Entrance!




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