Our House rules

We have a few house rules to make sure all guests can enjoy their stay at ours. Our key words are respect and love to eachother.

  • Pre-payment when check-in after 12 pm.
  • Minors cannot make a reservation on their own. If an adult makes a reservation for a minor this person will be carrying the responsibility for the minor. Full contact information to the responsible adult has to be handed to the reception.
  • No alcohol
  • The hostel requies peace & quiet after 10 pm. It is important to respect other guests.
  • No smoking inside. Smoking is allowed on the opposite side of the street of the hostel.
  • If the fire alarm gets triggered, the person responsible for this will be charged. Cigarettes, vaporizors, deodorant spray and hair spray can trigger the fire alarm.
  • All damange & sabotage will be charged.
  • The hostel takes no responsibility for belongings in the common areas.
  • Check-out: 11.00 am
  • No pets are allowed. 



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