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Booking and Cancellation at The Gothenburg Hostel/Göteborgs Vandrarhem

How can I book a room

What should I do if I arrive after 4 p.m. or later?

Can I change my booking after it has been confirmed?

How do I cancel, and what are the cancellation policies of Göteborgs Vandrarhem?

Is there a fee for canceling?

How can I pay, and what payment methods do you accept?

Can I book a room without a credit card and pay in cash instead?

Where can I find my booking?

Is there a group rate at Göteborgs Vandrarhem?

Is there a favorable rate if I want to stay longer, at the hostel?

Is there a weekly rate?

Is there a special rate for associations or organizations?

Are all rooms with shared bathrooms?

Are there rooms with private bathrooms?

How many people can share a room?

Are the prices per person or per room?

Are there special rooms for families?

Are bed linens and towels included in the price?

Is breakfast included at Göteborg Hostel?

Do you have parking?

Is cleaning included in the price?

We are having a gathering. Do you have a space to rent?


Staying at The Gothenburg Hostel/Göteborgs Vandrarhem

When is check-out at Göteborg Hostel?

Can I check out late?

Is there a locker where I can store my belongings?

Is there an outlet to charge my phone, near the bed?

I have special requests regarding breakfast, can you help me?

Is there a hairdryer to borrow?

Where can I smoke?

How do I get around Gothenburg?


Facilities and Services

Is there free Wi-Fi, at the hostel?

Do you have a breakfast service and how much does it cost?

Is there parking for guests at Göteborgs Vandrarhem?

Are there kitchen facilities that guests can use?

Are pets allowed at the hostel?

Do you sell any food, drinks, or kiosk items?

Is coffee and tea included?

Do you sell umbrellas?

Do you sell padlocks, toothbrushes, and toothpaste?

Do you sell mobile chargers?


Location and Surroundings of Göteborg Hostel

Where is Göteborgs Vandrarhem located and how do I get there from the central station?

Is Gothenburg Central Station the nearest train station?

What attractions are near the hostel?

Are there restaurants and shops nearby?

Is there a gym I can use when staying at Göteborgs Vandrarhem?

How close are you to public transportation?

What is the nearest tram stop to Göteborg Hostel?

Is the area around the hostel safe to walk in at night?

Is there anything to see in the neighborhood?


Check-in and Check-out

What are your check-in and check-out times?

Can I check in late in the evening?

Is it possible to get a late check-out?

Do you offer luggage storage if I arrive early or have a late departure?


Safety and Rules

Are there lockers for valuables?

What are your quiet hours in the evening/night?

Are there special rules for guests with children?

What is the hostel's policy on smoking?

Is alcohol consumption allowed at the hostel?


Other Questions

Are there any special activities or events you recommend for guests?

Can you assist with booking tours and tickets for attractions?

What is the best time of year to visit Gothenburg?

How do I contact the hostel if I have more questions?

How and where can I leave feedback, in the best way?

Do you have any partnerships or collaborations?


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